Daniel Lessard


I started in the video industry in 2000 directing and producing live broadcasts in the control room. I developed my skills as a cameramen, video editor and visual effects artist during that time. One day I was inspired by Philip Bloom a filmmaker who was making great movies with a DSLR camera. Shortly thereafter, I went to the store and bought myself a DSLR camera to shoot my first movie.

After participating in the The 48 Hour Film Project shortly thereafter, I decided to learn about the photography aspect of the DSLR and started the photography program at Sheridan College which I completed in 2013. I then fined-tuned my skills with of one of the masters of photography, Jerry Ghionis.

My passion is to capture the truth within the individual with the latest of tools available in the industry. I am not afraid to try my hand at new and innovative solutions to capture the final product that my clients have envisioned.


"Daniel is a thoughtful and thorough person who saved me a lot of time with his proactive and organized approach to the task at hand. This, in addition to high quality work arrived at through a focus on collaboration and openess to client wants, needs and budget. He clearly communicates what is needed for a successful outcome and personally goes the extra mile to make this happen. I hope to have a chance to work with him again."

Lynn K.